The Tylden Community Outdoor Space

The Tylden community was called upon to consider the outdoor space referred to as ‘the old tennis courts’ behind the Tylden Community Hall. These old tennis courts have degraded and are now unusable and an eyesore.

Valuable feedback was gathered about possible uses for this space by seeking community input.

The community agreed that the space should be developed over time, to allow young and old to participate in an equally inviting space within the context of a broader recreation reserve/play area. In order to do this well and in a fiscally responsible manner that best suits the limited funding/resources available to us, we have decided to do it in stages. In doing so we may also realise the potential for additional input and community feedback over this time, facilitating an ongoing consultation process with our local community.


Proposed project (all three stages) is to repurpose and improve this space to encourage community engagement and provide an active and welcoming environment for old and young alike. This will be achieved by designing and building;

  • an active element which is exercise and games-oriented and;
  • a passive element, an environmentally natural and healthy space to gather people together or provide seating, some shade and shelter from the elements.

These spaces will remain connected to each other so that people in the active zone can be seen and can communicate with those in the passive zone.

Stage 1: Design of space and construction of hard surface and Hitup wall

  • Concept design for completed project, and working drawings for construction of stage one
  • Cleanup the current site and remove the degraded tennis courts surface.
  • Old surface to be crushed and recycled on site as base material
  • Hitup wall
  • Launch the inaugural Year 6 art installation with Tylden Primary School.

Stage 2: This will be defined by finalising the design in stage 1 and is likely to include:

  • The engineering and construction of hard surfaces for playing on
  • Commission and installation of seating and a big community table

Stage 3: This will be defined by finalising the design in stage 1 and is likely to include:

  • Landscaping to beautify the area and provide shade and windbreaks.
  • Installation of exercise equipment or games.

This project has been successful in the recent Community Funding Scheme funding round with the project receiving $12,000 funding for Stage 1 of the project.

Watch this space for more details.