Unfortunately Lauriston Hall missed out on funding.

A re-invigorated community place for children and families of Lauriston.

Lauriston has a population of 240; 17% are aged between 0-14; with 58 family groups. Our hall is the only community asset in Lauriston where we can gather and connect. We want to improve facilities at Lauriston Hall by building a children’s playground and purchasing new chairs and tables. The playground will be accessible for all in the community. The hall can be booked by community members without charge. People can feel isolated in a small regional town – community connectedness promotes good health and wellbeing. These updates will add to the benefits of small town living.

Our Hall has been slowly closing down over the last 10 years. With new community members and more young families moving into our region, we are working hard to invigorate the Hall as a community asset. We are desperate for chairs and tables to enable us to hold events to raise money for self-funding. We want to reestablish the tradition that the Hall once had as a place for families to gather. Having children’s play equipment that is easily accessible to the community will lead to greater use of the Hall, which will be reinstated as our central community hub.