Arts & Culture recently conducted an EOI for live acts to perform at our launch in December 2022.

The response was huge, with 32 bands or singer songwriters applying for three available slots.

It was obvious to Arts & Culture that this was an untapped, vibrant, passionate local music industry that was keen to play for their own local community.

Arts & Culture saw an opportunity to link our local music industry to contacts we work with, not only attendees of our launch but community hall but also potential festival organisers looking to support local music.

The Macedon Ranges halls website was the logical choice to make those connections.

The Arts and Culture team engaged a local company Made by Asha (Malmsbury) to build the new page on the website with a new search engine.

We have been working with all the artists to ensure that that all the information, pictures, text and links are all correct.

There is booking information at the bottom of every page.

We hope that this will lead to an economic increase for our music industry/artists that have done it hard during the pandemic.

We will be doing some additional promotion of the new page on the site soon and also including it in the event notification process with support of our fabulous Tourism Unit.

We also have another project linking the music industry to community halls but this is in development and hopefully soon, we can share this with you.

All the feedback from bands and singer/songwriters has been positive and this has been a great outcome for all involved.

There are 20 artists listed and there is an email link for any other bands or artists to add their profile to the site.

All thirteen halls have been very supportive of this new addition to their site and are keen to engage so we have a lot to work with.

Community halls, festival organisers and those holding functions can find the website here to check out our local talent: