Guidance for Community halls committee members.

It is the responsibility of the Operator of an open premises to operate the premises in accordance with the directions of the Chief Health Officer. The latest directions can be found by visiting

To support boking officers, here are some important things to remember:

  • There are posters up in all facilities regarding checking the vaccination status for reference.
  • Each hall is only open to customers who have received two or more doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccination (as per the guidance of Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer) or have a valid medical exemption.
  • Each hall will have a new vaccination status register folder to record vaccination details.
  • A covid safe officer will need to be at the main entrance to check vaccinations where patrons will be signing in via the QR code.
  • Covid Safe officer then can check the vaccination status via their phone or record any documents in the new vaccination register at the front entrance.
  • This is compulsory State Government regulation so all booking officers will need to let hirers in regards to their vaccination responsibilities.
  • Booking officers to ensure that this information communicated to the hirer before confirming booking.
  • All paperwork associated with booking the facility must include the hirer agrees abide by all State Government regulations in regards to Covid-19 and to check the vaccination status of all patrons attending events in the facility.
  • All committee members will need to be fully vaccinated to attend the venue.
  • Any hirer will need to be fully vaccinated to attend the venue.

Guidance for Community halls hirers

  • Each hirer will need to nominate a Covid Safe Officer to check the vaccination status of each patron attending the facility.
  • Each nominated Covid Safe Officer will need to check in each patron via the halls QR code at the entrance of the facility.
  • Each hirer will need to fill in the venue vaccination register for those who don’t have their status attached to the covid safe app. i.e. paper document. The hirer may make a copy of the register by i.e. taking a photo of the register. The vaccination folder stays at the hall at all times.
  • Each hirer will need to comply with a State Government regulations that are in place at the time of hire. Details can be found here:
  • Obviously the hirer will need to be fully vaccinated.

Messaging for community halls

IMPORTANT COVID UPDATE: Please note any community member who hires or attends any community facility for an event or function will need to show proof of their double dose vaccination against COVID-19, or medical exemption before entering the premises.

We acknowledge your patience with the rescheduling of events due to the coronavirus pandemic and appreciate your support for the committee members who look after halls and are following State Government regulations.

We apologise for any inconvenience these changes will have on your attendance at community halls, however it is imperative that we put our volunteers and the broader communities’ health and wellbeing first by complying with the Chief Health Officers directives.