Moosejaw Rifle Club

The Moosejaw Rifle Club was formed in 2008 at a friend’s party when a disgruntled neighbour pulled the circuit breaker out of the  power board to kill the music. Acoustic instruments were found and played and the band was formed. Arriving at their name following a rigorous process involving names in a hat and the voting say so of many interested and not so interested friends, the band began writing songs that initially largely told the history of the 33,000 person strong Saskatchewan town in Canada, Moose Jaw. The question has, understandably be posed a number of times as to why? A satisfactory answer has never been proffered. While subscribing to a local Melbourne radio station one day, a band member slowly articulated the band name, “M-o-o-s-e-j-a-w, it’s all one word.” The Canadian accented voice on the other end of the line replied sardonically, “No it’s not”.  Despite that, the band has kept it as one word. On another occasion ringing the same station to resubscribe, there was more confusion because when the card arrived in the mail it was labelled “Slackjaw Rascal Club” which was seriously considered as a name change for a while.

Playing acoustic instruments, guitar, mandolin, banjo, double bass and percussion, the Moosejaw Rifle Club create lively, foot tappy, thigh slappy, head bobby sounds that bring smiles to people’s faces. If they’re known for anything at all, it’s their harmonies. The lads lock in to create layered, melodic and harmonic loveliness. Their sets are mostly comprised of originals with the occasional traditional track thrown in for good measure. A strength of the band has always been multiple song writers, singers and to some extent, styles, ranging from folk, country, rock elements and bluegrass. Any still curious reader of this will find several releases on Spotify or whatever digital musical platform they prefer. They have a new album, Mooncussers, coming out in 2023.







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